How to get your permit

Students must be at least 15½ years old and have completed drivers education. Students must complete 25 hours of drivers education (classroom). Students will receive a certificate at the end of their last class, a Certificate of Completion of Classroom Driver Education (DL400B) which is blue. Please do not lose this it is an original DMV certificate.
Step 02 - Get your Permit

To take the permit test, students must take the following to the DMV.

  1. DL400B Certificate of Completion of Classroom Driver Education
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. Social Security Card
  4. DL44 (application with parent(s) signature)
  5. Fee for permit test

The permit test consists of 46 questions, only eight can be missed. If the test if failed, the student must wait one (1) week before retaking the test. Once the test has been passed, we must first drive the with student to activate their permit, unless they are 17½ or older. Once we have activated their permit they can start practicing with their parents. Students are also required to complete the entire course within six (6) months from the first day attended.


I have my Permit (or I'm over 18) and now I need some
behind the wheel Driver's Training!

Step 03 - Driver's Training