What Is Drivers Education

Driver's Education should always be your first step on the road to getting your license. Right Way Drivers Ed is a classroom program that provides instruction on the traffic code and an introduction to safe vehicle operation. Other topics will include navigating various traffic conditions such as road hazards & hazardous weather, complex traffic flow conditions, avoiding common accidents, best driving strategies and driving defensively to increase your awareness of sudden potential dangers. We will also focus on the dangers of driving while impaired and/or distracted as well as the consequences, both legal and physical; of not observing the road signs and laws. We will prepare you with the knowledge required to safely and effectively obtain that freedom that comes with a Driver's License.

We will also provide you with the correct DMV forms and a step-by-step process on how to complete and submit them along with your Driver's Ed Completion Certificate (DL400B). This can often be confusing but is required to obtain your Learner's Permit (also known as a Provisional Permit).
Step 01 - Driver's Education

ONLINE Drivers Ed

I have completed Driver's Education
How do I get my Permit?

Step 02 - Get your Permit

I have my Permit (or I'm over 18) and now I need some
behind the wheel Driver's Training!

Step 03 - Driver's Training